KRS-One all star freestyle session

May 23, 2009

KRS-One- All Star Freestyle Jam Session (Atlanta 5/21/09)


it was a good night  over all. I like the face that krs kept the show flowing and didn’t stop.

even in the begining he freestyle the first 8 minutes of the show to test the mic. Rather than stop and complain

like most artist do. He allowed the un heard talent to get off during his set. something most artist don’t do. Shouts out to buckshot who

opened up with a strong set and did his classic joints. hip hop was in the building that night and i was glad to be a part of it. All the opening acts were great. from Kaos to my self and  4 ize to bobby creek water and stat quo to killer mike. great event and hip hop appreciation week was a success. shouts out to dia for putting the event together. They raised money for the Temple Of Hip Hop.

next year will be even better make sure you come out and support




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